Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive
What documents are needed at Registration?

Please make sure you bring adequate copies of all of your required documents to registration.

Your registration/equipment pickup will go quickly if you bring the following documents:

  1. Your child (we need to fit them for equipment)
  2. Your child’s birth certificate or copy of their passport showing (proof of age) – A COPY THAT WE CAN KEEP
  3. Utility bill with correct address pre-printed (proof of residency) – A COPY THAT WE CAN KEEP
  4. 2 copies of your Registration (if you pre-registered and paid online)(we need 2 copies – one for us and one for Ute Conference) – 2 COPIES THAT WE CAN KEEP

We don’t accept checks. We accept cash or credit cards at Registration.

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Where are games held?

Butterfield Park is the home field for Herriman Football. You can see all Ute Conference field locations here;

How long do games last?

About 2 hours

How often do we practice?
2 hours a day 6 days a week preseason and then down to three days a week when the season starts.  13 years old and above get an extra hour per day
When do schedules get posted?
The A schedules usually post about a month before the season starts, B schedules get worked out after we find out how many teams each division has and usually gets posted a week or two after practice starts
Is football dangerous?
Like any sport, there are risks with playing the game.  Football is a full contact sport. Having said that, it is very safe and we rarely see injuries outside of small scrapes and bruises.  According to AMEA there are actually more concussions in girls soccer than in youth football. (  Our coaches and board members have all been training on how to avoid concussions or any other serious injuries.
Football is different than it was when we grew up.  Instead of being taught and rewarded for making a big hit with you head it is now a serious penalty.


What are the X weight limits?

X Weights

Scout – 75 lbs (7 & 8 yr olds)
Gremlins – 85 lbs (9 yr olds)
PeeWee – 100 lbs (10yr old)
MityMites – 110 lbs (11yr old)
Grid Iron – 125 lbs (12yr old)
Bantams – 145 lbs ( 13yr old)
Juniors – No X-Weight – Unlimited (14 Year Olds)

What are the weight limits if I want to Z Down?

Z Down Weights

Scout – You cannot Z down to Scouts
Gremlin – 70 lbs
PeeWee – 85 lbs
MityMites – 95 lbs
Grid Iron – 110 lbs
Bantams – 135 lbs
15 years olds cannot Z down to Bantams


Size of Football
Ball – The approved football shall be of good grade. The following specifications will apply to all classifications:
– Division 1 Teams (Scouts & Gremlins) will use Under Armor Pee Wee as the game ball.
– Division 2 (Pee Wee & Mity Mite) may use Under Armor Junior.
– Division 3(Grid Iron, Bantam & Juniors) shall use the Under Armor Youth football
Specifications for all three balls are determined by the Commissioner and shall have the Ute Conference logo on the football. All balls need to be inflated properly to the manufacturer’s specifications.
What equipment are they responsible for?
Cleats, Cup, Mouth guard, upgraded chin strap (that’s not required)


Is it better to let my kid grow up and get bigger before I let him play?
No.  As stated above football as a full-contact sport.  In order to avoid injury, it is very important to learn how to make a block or tackle and more importantly how to get blocked and tackled.  The longer you wait to enroll your child the further behind they are getting in learning these skills.  Starting your child as a scout or gremlin will give them the ability to learn the game before any of the kids are big enough to cause any real damage.

If we didn’t answer your question, please contact us. We will respond as quick as possible.