2017 Herriman Coaches

Meet the Herriman Football Coaches


Brad Bangerter

A Team

Brad has been coaching youth football since the 90’s. He has coached in Murray, Kearns and Herriman Districts. This will be his 5th year coaching in Herriman. He has always tried to ensure that the boys have a positive experience. With the goal of helping each child understand that if you want something in football and life, you have to work for it, even if it isn’t easy. He enjoys the camaraderie with the boys and with other Herriman and opposing coaches. Coaching the freshman this year, he is looking forward to helping his players be prepared to take the next step in playing for Herriman High School. In addition to football; Brad has many years of coaching other sports such as soccer, basketball and lacrosse. With the tremendous amount of time coaching football requires, he cherishes the time that he is able to spend with his family during the offseason. He has been married to his beautiful wife Lori for 18 years. With three children. His daughter Isabella will be a senior at Herriman next year. Austin will be a freshman, and Bradley will be entering the 5th grade.

Kasey Poulsen

Blue Team

Coach Poulsen has been involved in Herriman youth sports for the past 8 years and 5 years has been in the football program. He loves working with youth players to develop their skills as players and help them gain a strong mindset towards competitiveness and great sportsmanship. He is married with 5 kids and enjoys traveling with his family, camping, late night movies and firing up the grill!!! GO MUSTANGS.

Darrin Thedell

Cardinal Team

I have been coaching in the Ute conference for 10 years. 3 years with Riverton and 7 with Herriman. I have great passion and love for the game of football.


Boyd Saena

A Team

One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a TEAM.

Tom Peterson

Blue Team

I have been involved in youth sports for nearly 14 years. I have coached basketball, and have helped with baseball and football as well. I grew up playing basketball and football. My son has played for Herriman football for the last 4 years. This is my first year on the Herriman board. I will be in charge of the apparel design for this upcoming season. I have worked in supply chain for the last 13 years for a living, so I hope by experience can help this area of the board. We have loved the Herriman football program. My family’s favorite thing about the program has been the people we have bonded with, they are our football family!

Todd Ramsay

Cardinal Team

“When I say I, you say We”
“When I say you, you say We”
“Who are We, MUSTANGS”

Nathan Banks

Gold Team

Nathan Banks has been a coach for Herriman football for 4 years. He loves spending time with his family and he loves football so being a coach kills two birds with one stone for him. Go Mustangs!!

Carter Crosland

White Team

Grid Iron

Brian Hislop

A Team

I am beginning my fifth season as a coach with Herriman and my second year on the board. I can’t wait for the season to start.

I didn’t start playing football until college, my mother didn’t want me to play. I was working at SCLSU as a Hydration Distribution Engineer when Coach Klein saw something in me and asked me to try out. I made the team as a linebacker and led the team in tackles and helped the team to the Bourbon Bowl.

Barrett Wilson

Blue Team

Tyler Jenkins

Cardinal Team

I’m excited for my first year as a head coach. I’ve been involved with coaching youth sports for 10years. This will be my 3rd year involved with Ute Conference football. Through football I can help the boys learn life lessons that are harder to obtain elsewhere. Go Mustangs!

Jared Andrus

Gold Team

This will be my 5th year coaching in the Herriman District and my 3rd as a Head Coach. I grew up playing this great game and I love having the opportunity to teach these young men about the game and all of the life lessons that it teaches. I look forward to having a fun season. Go Mustangs!


Dan Thompson

A Team

I have been playing and coaching football for over 25 years. I have coached at the A level starting at Alta winning multiple state championships I then moved to west Jordan serving on the board and coaching taking to teams to the championship games only to lose. I then worked with the Brighton district winning a state championship. I was then asked by a friend to assist him in coaching a Bingham A team. This was a fantastic experience where I learned how to maintain a winning culture. I then assisted in starting the Riverton district serving on the board and coaching at both the A and B levels winning a state championship at both levels. I had the honor of working with some wonderful people at Riverton. I then jumped at the opportunity to assist in starting the greatest district, Herriman.

Danny Fonua

Blue Team

Aaron Spackman

Cardinal Team

My goal this year is to make Herriman Little League football a great place to learn how hard work and dedication can lead to success in sports and in life. As a board member, I will strive to help anywhere in the program I can. As a coach, I look forward to helping develop players skills and discipline into an excellent experience on and off the field.

Cameron Gunter

Gold Team

Brent Gordon

White Team

Coach Gordon has four children who have played football for Herriman and wanted to get more involved in his children’s football experience so he volunteered to help coach. Coach Gordon worked his way up from team playbook photocopier in his first season as an assistant coach to a head coach with championship aspirations. Coach Gordon loves football, loves kids, and loves Herriman. When Coach Gordon isn’t coaching football he enjoys playing heavy metal songs on his guitar.


Tom Jager

A Team

Tom Jager has coached little league football for 5 years in Herriman and 1 year with Highland. He has served on the Herriman Baseball Board for 5 years. This is his 4th year on the Herriman Football Board having served two as Vice President. He’s been married to his wife Aimee for 19 years this summer and they have 6 children together. They love to spend time together as a family, especially the fall months during football season!

Chris Opie

Blue Team

Chris Opie has coached little league football for 4 years; 3 years at Herriman (1 as an assistant and two as head coach), and 1 year at Riverton. In addition, he has been a Defense Coordinator for 2 years at Woodward High School in Woodward, OK. He was also a four starter at Linebacker playing for Montana Tech, being selected to all-conference 3 years and 1 year All-American. He has coached numerous sports for the past 15 years including football, baseball, softball, and basketball. He has been married to his wife Dawn for 15 years and they have two children together. They enjoy spending time together as a family, which usually includes sports.

Cory Hamre

Cardinal Team

I just couldn’t stay away from coaching. I have coached baseball, football, and basketball for several years. My youngest son will be a senior at Herriman High School this year and is also on the varsity football team. I’ve missed coaching , and with help from a good friend and family , I’m back in it . We took a gremlin team last year and had a very successful year. I just love working with the kids and watching them grow as athletes, team mates , and young men and women. We focus on teamwork, and doing our best everyday on and off the field.

Mike Rowberry

Gold Team

Daniel Beck

White Team

This is my second year coaching with Herriman and my first year as a head coach.  It is my privilege to work with these boys, and I’m looking forward to teaching them the fundamentals and basics of this great game. I believe in old school football. There are not many things better than football to teach discipline, accountability, hard work, and teamwork.  I have been involved in this game as long as I can remember.  I played from Gremlins, all the way through college.  It’s so exciting to be able to share my love of the game and create a strong foundation for these boys that will help them advance through the years.


Sterling Jessop

A Team

Sterling Jessop has coached little league football for 7 years and has been on the Herriman Youth Football board for 5. He and his wife Andrea have three sons that all play and/or have played for Herriman youth football. The Jessop’s have lived in Herriman for 16 years and enjoy being a part of the Herriman community.

Mike Humeniuk

Blue Team

After three seasons in Secondary Defensive Assistant role at the Division 1 Coaching level. University of Utah (2015-2017) and at Weber State University (2013-14), Mike Humeniuk has decided to serve as a Head Coach working with the Herriman Mustang Gremlins.

Humeniuk’s past coaching experience include 4 years at the high school level all being at Herriman High School. During his prep coaching career, he coached the Running Backs and was a JV Offensive Coordinator and Varsity Special a Teams Coordinator and Director of Football Operations.

Mike grew up playing both football and soccer and is really excited to come back to Herriman and assist both at the High School and Ute Conference level. Mike is an avid runner and has ran many marathons and half marathons. He is excited to be part of these young men’s lives and make a difference.

He and his wife Stephanie have two children (Kadin 10, Olivia 8). A native of West Jordan, Utah.

Chris Wardle

Cardinal Team

I have been an Assistant Coach with Herriman in the youth football Program for the last 2 years, loves Working with the youth and the life lessons Football teaches. I am dedicated to teaching and learning from our youth, I have Lived in Herriman with my wife and 2 sons for the last 2 years and love being part of the MUSTANG community.

I believe that teamwork, dedication, and Communication are the success in any Sport. I have 2 Sons that Play for Herriman youth Football and look forward to helping coach the Future Mustangs!

My goal as a coach is to teach our youth the fundamentals and true values of football, Discipline, accountability, Team Work and trust , and to give them an amazing season so they will continue to love and want to play the game.

Steve Raguskus

Gold Team

Coach Raguskus (aka Coach Rags) coached competitive High School Cheerleading for five years during which time his team won the Oregon State Athletic Association’s Co-Ed State Championship. Several of his athletes received college scholarships and/or went on to coach. He also coached two years with Westview Junior Baseball Organization in Oregon followed by a third year as a Board Member.

Coach Rags has six children. He and his son Peyton look forward to being Mustangs.

Sam Talkington

White Team

4 years US Army active duty 2006-2010.

Graduated from the University of Washington.

Work at Morgan Stanley.

Football enthusiast!


Rocky Jann

A Team

Jared Mietchen

Blue Team

2002-2004 – West District
2007 – 2009 – Bingham District
2010 – Present – Herriman District

13 years’ experience, 3 years as an assistant coach and 10 years as a Head coach.
12 Playoff appearances
7 Championship game appearances
4 Championship game wins

2014 USA Invitational champions with the Herriman Pee Wee A team.
In 2016, I had the privilege of coaching the Herriman B1 Scout team to an 11-0 record beating Bingham in the championship 21-7.
I am looking forward to continuing to coach in the Scout age group in 2017 and making another run at a championship. My main focus as a coach is to teach discipline and fundamentals to each player and make sure football is a positive experience for the players and the parents.

Cody Marcus

Cardinal Team

2nd year at Herriman coaching. Coached for 4 years in Maryland 2 years for Laplata Blue Knights and 2 years for Westlake Bulldogs. Really enjoys coaching the kids and can not wait until his son is old enough to play football. Really excited for another season of football, Greatest time of the year.

There is a good chance we’ll need another Gremlin & Scout coach. If you have kids between the ages of 7-9 please reach out so we don’t end up with huge teams in those age groups which would really limit the kids playing time.

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